March 2023

Published on 3 April 2023 at 21:42

Thursday March 30, 2023 ......We are off to this months concert to see someone that I have been super excited to see and it is opening night of his tour!


But first up the opening band...Now this band took me by surprise.  Two USMC & US Army Combat Veterans !  They have a passion for music but but also offer so much more.  A big shout out the the War Hippies!  Check out their home page to read how renowned and decorated these two guys are!  That my friends is something to be proud of!



And now to the one who we have all been waiting for...... The Travis Tritt!!   This man has been killing it since 1989!




Way to kick off your tour Travis!!  

The show was really great... the only draw back is he didn't sing my favorite song ... Foolish Pride.... maybe I will have to make a playlist request next time!  Oh poor me.......Here's a Quarter..... 


And one last little side note of the evening ....his dog was watching his show from side stage.... I have to say you don't see that at every concert!




And one more thing.... I was thinking ... as we are now 3 months in.... I'm wondering if I should have named this blog Taste & See and Outfits of 2023.????  It has become a fun side adventure for me picking out my outfits for each concert.  Thus far I have went from camo  boots and ball caps to sequin cowboy  boots to high wasted ... yes I said high waisted jeans with a crop top (which I would probably not be wearing at my age) to a jean dress and boots.  I am all over the place.  I will give this a little more thought before committing to adding it to the blog and you can let me know your thoughts.


So that's a closer for March!  April has some great things in store.....Until then ... Be safe ...Live life today and enjoy each moment!

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