May 2023

Published on 3 December 2023 at 16:46

So my has been 6 months since I have blogged about my New Years Resolution (how sad is that) but the good news is ....I have stuck to my promise and have kept my resolution all year long.

With that being said ... I am back to share with you my year long journey ...

It is now May and what a super fun month it was since not only did I get to see one artist but was fortunate enough to see 3!!!  One who was on my hit list for the year, one of my very favorites and some one new who with that brought an entire new experience.


SO let's start from the beginning of May ....May 5th to be exact when I got to check off a life long bucket list item.  The Run for the Roses, the Kentucky Derby.  I had to beg my husband for 20 years and I guess in a post Covid slumber he consented, surprising me with a complete weekend at The Derby (including an RV!?!?...a story for another day).  Anyway May 5th is the Oaks.  We went for the whole day and had a blast.  I wasn't sure what to expect, never having been to a horse race but it was incredible.  First the venue is amazing, SOOOO much history and the pageantry was a site to behold. So we went to Churchill Downs and found the races far more exciting than I could have imagined and the people were just incredible.  Further, finding out that this event is to support raise money for breast cancer made it even better.  I even met a celebrity when we were learning how to wager on horses



The next day was the actual Derby and Carly Pearce performed the National Anthem---Wow, what a voice and her performance was great. 

Oh and as a side note...we ran into two wonderful people we got to spend the day with.  A shout out to Zach and Andrea.  

Next adventure was to the Toledo Zoo of all places.  I said earlier that there was an adventure, a hit list and a favorite---this was a hit list artist for the year!  First, lets show the venue...HIGH class isle markers indeed!  Just teasing, as you can see the venue was intimate...

and the artist was amazing.  But first we have to circle back to the opening act (one of my husband's favorites) Larry Fleet!!!! (there are no words for Larry Fleet, he is a country force to be reckoned with, but there are words for his guitarist "crazy legs" as labeled by Larry Fleet himself"

Ok, so back to the main is his band, any idea?  Guess, COME ON guess.  

Number two on my hit list of the year....Parker McCollum!!!

Wouldn't be disappointed if I got to see him again, GREAT show!!!

Not to close out May...going back to the way the year kicked off.  But first to the opening act Wyatt McCubbin, who "Honky Damn Tonked" his way to a standing ovation.  He really was amazing, and like so many opening acts of this year, completely off my radar.  

And now on to the one and only Kameron Marlowe.  He really shouldn't need any introduction but if you haven't checked him out, you are missing out.   A shout out to one of our favorites.  

And to spread a little love...

That's a wrap, for May 2023!!!

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