September 2023

Published on 4 December 2023 at 20:51

Now for September .... well this headliner was not on my radar at all!  But first to the opening acts and one which was on my 2023 list and the other whom I have seen before .


First up Nate Smith... if you have not seen him in concert you should!  

And to this next guy... I have seen him in concert before several times and he has taken his performance to a whole new level!! Interesting fact... he started in the country music realm selling T shirts for Luke Bryan!  Great job Cole Swindell to making it a career of your own!

And now to the headliner of the night!  I must say that I went to this show with reservation... as this is not the artist I would have picked for my September show especially since my year is wrapping up and I only have 3 concerts left!  But without further ado .. this is how the headliner entered stage and at that very moment I knew this was a concert I would write home about! The "Home Team Tour 2023" and it felt like that from the get go!!  Hello Toledo, Ohio!!

He started the show by rising up out of stage at the end of the runway playing the drums!!  I was hooked!  What an awesome way to enter stage!!  Some lucky concert goer got the jacket!!  I am a new fan of ....Thomas Rhett!!!! 

One of the most amazing parts of his show is when he sang a song from the last 7 eras starting with the 60s!  He sang non stop for 7 minutes straight and the way the crowd responded was invigorating!

Nate is back!  They rocked out "Beer Can't Fix". The show ended with Millions of pieces of confetti in the air and fireworks!  Now that's a show!!  Hats off to you Thomas - as for your personal simplicity you showed nothing but excellence here!!

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