November 2023

So here we are at the second to last concert of the year and oh what a journey it has been!!  

To start off the night... this is someone I met to kick off my year . What an experience it has been to see these artist circle back around and how fortunate to have seen them twice!!.  

Jon Langston!! Congratulations on your tour :Heart on Ice:!!


The next guy along with Jason Aldean is how I got my husband to listen to country music.  There is some really great country music to be heard when you are "Flying Down a Back Road" in "Small Town USA"

Justin told a very funny story at the concert....Just a few shows before in Florida he went back to his mic where he talks to his band and told them "I just split my pants" and they were like "Oh no, he just sh*t his pants!!" LOL. SPLIT is the word ,,,SPLIT his pants!!  


As a complete side note... I do have to do a shout out to Justin for his performance several years back when he did a pop up in NYC subway!  This is one of the coolest videos and you are barely recognizable without your hat.  Walker in a hat and you without a that's "Why We Drink"!!  

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