August 2023

Published on 4 December 2023 at 20:47

So the year pushes on to August...and wow so many artists in July on one fabulous weekend!


August ...well there is a lot to say about this month!  First off is again someone who was on my hit list of the year.   This person is truly someone that I have never seen before and truly admire his life story.  If you are not familiar with it, I encourage you to take the time to read up on his past and how far he has come.  He inspires great hope and belief.  


But first his openers... and this goes back to the discussion way early in this blog about taste and see 2023.  I have fallen off in blogging about taste and as earlier mentioned about my outfits.  I need not mention my outfits but how about this one for one of the openers.....



Is Ingrid wearing a dress or shorts, forward or backward... Im just not sure... none the less she was very good and exceeded my expectations!


and next up.....Breeland!!  He in his own way has a style and warmth and engages the crowd!!  Hats off to Breeland!!

And to the August show I have been waiting for and to check another off my hit list.....Im feeling very "fancy like"!!!  

Who has ever seen Walker in a cowboy hat?!?!?   Very out of his norm...and it is wonderful!!

A shout out to Walker...Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  I knew you were on my hit list for 2023 New Years resolution for a reason!  I must thank you Walker for it was you who opened my eyes to  Zach Williams (whom was my April concert)... as It is "Jesus' Fault" and for that I am forever thankful!  And with that ...Walker closed out his tour...


So if that concert was not an experience in itself and a big check mark on my hit list let me tell you my friends....yes friends ....I consider you friends at this point if you have taken the time to follow me this far in my 2023 resolution.   So August concerts are yet to be over... so let me reitterate my 2023 New years resolution... one live country concert each month of the year.  Well dearest friends...I believe August is going to the biggest month yet!   Now July as you know was packed with artists but that was a country concert weekend where the artists play three days back to back.   But August was 3 consecutive weekends of planned concerts all different venues both near an far.  


Thanks agin to Walker who kicked things off... and now on to the next adventure...



Now off to Red Rocks Amphitheater

First off, this venue is truly divine.  The amazing orientation of GIGANTIC rocks (almost like pieces of a mountain, they are so big) formed this amphitheater that is not only beautiful beyond description but has near perfect acoustics for two night of artists.  These artists again were incredible.  We went for the headliners but the entire line up of opening acts left me asking myself again "how is it that I've never heard of these people?!" due to their talent and great performances.

William Beckmann---I'd never heard of him but instantly we became fans.  Highly recommend checking him out.  Bourbon Whisky, Tennessee Drinking,...

The Randy Roger's Band---we were told "they are huge in Texas".  Well they should be huger in Ohio---great talent and super fun.  Side note, Parker McCollum gives them/him Randy Roger's for kick starting his career.

And for a perfect repeat (with mostly different playlist) Parker McCollum.  He was great (again!) and just when we thought the concert was getting ready to end...

Payton Manning showed up trying to intercept the show!!!  I've never had a celebrity show up unannounced (and I've been to a few), LOL!   They performed a Brooks and Dunn song.  I think they might both have a side hustle available if they every need it.  That was a wrap for Thursday at Red Rocks.  


So the third August show, we are still at Red Rocks.  Kicking off the show is DJ HIGHMAX.  That boy can mix some music!

Next up Randall King....another great artist who should be known in the great state of Ohio.  BTW, is this photo not superb?!

Larry Fleet who was again fabulous....and of course "Crazy Legs" is back.  If you ever get the chance to see them live, they will not disappoint. 

And finally our second night/third concert headliner....

Yep Jon Pardi.  I hate to say "I told you so", except when I get to tell my husband "I told you so!" but who was it that was so impressed and after singing along to every song (he does like Jon Pardi's music, just wasn't sure about how'd he perform) that he went and bought two, not one, but two T shirts for himself.  Well'p if the boot fits you are going to wear it...."I told you so!!"  Jon Pardi was, in my husband's words, "unfrickin believable!!!".  And he was.  (told you so!, LOL) 


Anyway one more little surprise the next morning...

Hey Jon, great show last night!"  What a trip!


And to close out August, at our local county fair...

Ella Langley opener at our local county fair!

and the headliner is...

So to close out August, how very fortunate I felt.  Amazing month of music. 

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